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What is Core?

Master Your Life — Master Your Business

the C.O.R.E. Leadership Circle System


Conscious Awareness

Know yourself & discover your authentic purpose as a leader.



Allow clarity and right action to drive your vision as you fulfill your purpose.



Let the power of community expand your results toward your most important goals.



Experience the power of congruency & integration of mind, body, and spirit in your business & personal life.

The entire CORE process is customized annually to meet the specific needs of the members selected.  Membership is available by invitation only, and begins with an Alignment Conversation to determine together, exactly what you can expect from the Mastermind experience.



Opening Retreat Weekend

Establish Key Priorities & Lasting Relationships

For 3 full days, members begin the year-long journey toward their individual & business goals.

The foundation for the year is set, and existing members welcome incoming members, providing a cohesive experience for the entire year.


Monthly Mastermind Sessions

On-going Support That Makes the Difference

While some Mastermind programs provide only virtual connection monthly, CORE Mastermind does both.

Every month, you'll join either the Northern or Southern California group for facilitated growth and true masterminding.

These monthly sessions not only enhance the relationships between individuals both personally & professionally, but they also provide key tools that empower you to forward the action on your most important purpose.


One-on-One Executive Coaching

Monthly Access to Powerful, Experienced Coaches

With a leadership group of multiple coaches in a variety of specializations, you'll have access to receive the exact, individualized support you need.

Whether you have a strategic business issue that needs resolved, a challenging tactical concern, or a personal "inner game" block, the tools exist inside the Mastermind to support you to unprecedented results.

Dedicated Small Groups

Develop Deep, Lifelong Connections

In between our in-person sessions, you'll have the opportunity to engage powerfully with the other members in small groups we call "Pods."

Pods are formed from the first weekend, and changed multiple times throughout the year, giving you an opportunity to deeply engage with a larger number of members.

Pod Facilitators ensure that these sessions stay focused and powerful, and many members share that the Pod experience truly supports their ongoing growth & development necessary to achieve their highest purpose.


Mid-Year Retreat

Maintain Your Focus and Achieve Results

About half-way through the year, we all meet again. These opportunities to step away from the daily demands of your business & your life provide the setting for expanded growth and a new perspective.

At the mid-year retreat, we re-center & re-focus on what really matters, while gaining new tools & insights into how to accelerate progress toward your desired objectives.

Through it all, there's a focus on balance versus burn-out, and purpose over blind achievement.

Special Guests

The CORE Mastermind Network is at Our Fingertips

During retreats, Mastermind weekends, and even virtually, we are constantly bringing the most powerful and relevant transformational tools & teachers to the table.

And because we are selective in bringing only exceptional individuals into CORE Mastermind, the small group is incredibly well connected to business & thought leaders around the world.


Why Join Core?

Discover What Really Makes the Difference

We have a whole-brain approach to facilitation and coaching that empowers you to overcome both the inner and outer obstacles that often prevent the fulfillment your highest purpose.

Overcome past fears

and learn to become a successful leader, along with promoting business leadership.

Increase your confidence

to promote positive-assumptive decisions, and find creative solutions to problems.

Establish achievable goals

and begin promoting overall positive-thinking. Learn that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Increase performance

not just in business but in your personal life. Meet the expectations you've set for yourself and your team.

The benefits of the CORE Program

Get in, take charge

Create results that you want in the most important areas of your life. Leaders must be able to optimize business results while maintaining their vitality, their personal relationships and their own emotional well-being.

Discover the skills, tools and strategies to do this so that your experience in life is one of joy and fulfillment in life rather than stress and imbalance.


It takes strength, integrity, and your will to improve. Ready for the challenge?

Unleash Your Full Power

“In every human endeavor there are two arenas of engagement: the outer and the inner. The outer game is played on an external arena to overcome external obstacles to reach an external goal. The inner game takes place within the mind of the player and is played against such obstacles as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions. The inner game is played to overcome the self-imposed obstacles that prevent an individual or team from accessing their full potential.”

 -- Tim Gallwey, (Author, The Inner Game of Tennis)

People often fail in business not because they don't have good technical expertise but because they fail at the inner game needed to make it happen. But with CORE, your success is in your grasp.

One Leadership Group — Infinite Opportunities

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